Dallas Cigar Servers and Waitress Staff

Dallas and surrounding areas are also serviced with cigar waitresses when you have a large venue or have an objective to impress your guests.

The best complaiment to a cigar roller for your event is a cigar waitress that will hand out cigars while being cigar-knowledgeable.

Best suited for a large guest count, the cigar waitresses add a pleasant visual that will compliment the event. Cigar trays that look like the casino style cigar trays also create a lounge atmosphere when the servers are roaming the venue. This server will also help to get the cigars to the guests that want them without the guest venturing to the other side of the area which can be cumbersome in large outdoor venues.

The visual of having a Cigar Server along with a Cigar Roller that's rolling the cigars at the event lets your guests know they are at a truly special occasion.